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Slic Sound - Ear bud molds

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  • SlicSound  ear bud molds will help you hear better. They will help solve the basic problems inherent in most ear buds and cell phone earpieces.
  • By directing the sound from the ear buds deeper into your ear, and aimed directly at the ear drum, you will hear the best sound of which your ear buds are capable. Your cheap buds will sound good, and your good buds will sound great with SlicSound!
  • SlicSound will help keep the ear buds more securely in place without having them fall out while exercising
  • The soft silicone-rubber material and the unique ear canal shape will make your ear buds comfortable even after wearing for long periods of time
  • SlicSound will let you hear at lower volume. That means you can really hear what you need to hear without turning the volume to dangerously high levels
  • Compatible with all brands, SlicSound works with all standard size ear buds
  • They come in three pairs of different sizes to fit most ears