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Serene SA-40 - Cell phone Bluetooth amplifier +40dB


Hear every word, even in the noisiest environments! Can't hear too well on your cell phone? With our new HearAll(TM) Serene SA-40 Cell Phone Amplifier, you will hear every word, loud and clear.Your caller's voice can be amplified up to 100 times louder (up to 40dB). Pairs to virtually any Bluetooth(R) cell phone. Use as a handset or speakerphone. Special T-Coil Mode sends clear, crisp sound direct to your T-Coil Hearing Aids without annoying cell phone static/interference.


  • Works with virtually any Bluetooth cell phone or smartphone
  • Amplifies up to 40dB
  • Adjustable tone control tunes to the frequency you can hear
  • Built-in T-Coil mode allows use with T-Coil equipped hearing aids
  • Selectable speakerphone mode, together with the magnetic visor clip, allow "hand-free" conversations in cars
  • Product Weight is 3.1oz with Battery (2.5oz without battery)
  • Product Dimensions: 2.0" W x 5.2" H
NOTE: The SA-40 is NOT a cell phone, it is an amplified handset that pairs with your existing cell phone. A Bluetooth-capable cell phone or similar device is required for the SA-40 to operate.