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SensGard ZEM - Hearing protection

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Color: Orange

SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection earmuff offers a completely different approach to hearing protection which still enables you to hear conversations and important sounds and signals when you work in noise. The patented Zem technology provides an astounding level of noise reduction in a small, lightweight and compact device.. The really great feature is your ability to hear speech and other important sounds without the need to remove your hearing protection.  No bulk, batteries or electronics.  Made in the USA, comes complete with four extra foam ear tips for prolonged use.

Best Uses:

  • Industry
  • Sport Shooting
  • Power Equipment and Tools


  • Safety and Performance: Protection against damaging noise, but allows speech and important sounds and signals to be heard.
  • Comfort and Convenience: weighs less than 2 ounces!  No bulk, batteries or electronics.  Folds to fit in a shirt pocket.
  • Ease of Use: Fast and easy to put on, does not go into the ear canal.  Drop around neck when not in use, always with you when needed.
  • Proven: University developed and patented technology, independently tested and reviewed.  Hundreds of thousands have made the switch to 21st century hearing protection.

SensGard NRR 26

NRR 26 model for great noise protection, available in grey or orange.

SensGard NRR 31

NRR 31 model for extra noise protection, available in black.

Storage Case

SensGard storage case for NRR 31 and NRR 26 hearing protection devices.

Replacement Foam Eartips

Replacement Foam Tips 4 per pack.