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ProGuard BudPortz - Ear molds for earphones

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Proguard Budportz Ear Molds for Earphones generic ear molds are great for holding bud style earphones securely in the ear, allowing you to run or take part in other physical activities without the fear of losing your earphones. They also have  safe music listening purpose.They will also provide a decent level of noise attenuation, depending on the integrity of the fit. Allowing you to listen to music or other sounds at a much lower volume, helping reduce that annoying sound leakage prevalent with earphones. Manufactured from a soft medical grade silicon, they are comfortable to wear and extremely simple to clean, just run them under warm water and dry before re-inserting into your ear. The Budportz ear molds are designed to fit most of the standard style of ear-bud phones with a diameter range of around 14 - 17mm. It is extremely simple to fit the earphone into the mold, they just press into place and your ready to go.