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Why choosing 365+ program?

1. 365+ program is the chepeast solution on the market for hearing aid batteries.

2. We have one of the most durable battery brand on the market.

3. It is easy to subscribe and you are in control of your subscription!

4. You will never be out of batteries again.

Choose your batteries
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How it works

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Step 1

Choose your battery type

Choose the battery type required tofit your hearing aid's power needs.

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Step 2

Choose the quantity of batteries

Choose the right option of batteries quantity you need for 2 months.

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Step 3

Choose your shipping option

On the cart page, you'll have the chance to choose between in-storepick up and At-home delivery. Note that the in-store option (if available near your location) won't include shipping fees ;)

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Step 4

Use your batteries and recycle them

When your batteries are done, you can bring them to the closest storenear you and we'll recycle them.

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1. Choose your battery type





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Delivery Frequency

2. How many batteries do you need for 2 months?

option selector icon odyo canada 12 Batteries
option selector icon odyo canada 18 Batteries
option selector icon odyo canada 24 Batteries
option selector icon odyo canada 30 Batteries
option selector icon odyo canada 36 Batteries

3. How can I get my package every 2 months?

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At Home Delivery

Your package will be sent out on he 1st or the 15th every two months (depending on when you subscribe the first time). Shipping fees applicable on each package delivery

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In-Store Pick Up

Your package will be available for pickup on the 1st or the 15th every two months in the closest store of your choice No SHIPPING FEES

Shipping option selection will be done at checkout stage



Where can I recycle my batteries?

When you finish using all your batteries or you have a lot of them stored, you can come to any of our locations. A ballot box will be there waiting for your batteries. We’ll make sure to bring your batteries to the closest location.

How many batteries do I need for a 2-month period?

It really depends on your hearing aid’s energy consumption. We suggest choosing the 18 batteries option and adjust, if need be, on your ODYO Shop Customer Portal.

Why is it cheaper to pick them up at our locations every 2 months?

Because you come and pick them up at one of our locations, we don’t charge shipping fees.

Why wait 2 months between deliveries?

The 2-month delay is the optimal time period to make sure you don’t stack up batteries at home. It allows you not to worry about going into your portal and having to manage your subscription.

Why can’t we have 2 delivery options in the same cart?

For the time being, our team of developers is working on a solution.

How long should I expect to wait for our delivery once it’s sent out?

All our deliveries for subscription-based products are done with Canada Post regular mail. It usually takes from 3 to 10 business days depending on how far you are from our warehouse. Note that we only offer cheap shipping fees for Canada customers except Northern Territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the big north of Quebec).
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