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Ohropax Classic - Natural wax ear plugs (10 units)

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Ohropax Classic Natural Wax Earplugs are extremely comfortable to wear and is therefore ideally used for sleep, relaxation, a sense of well-being and meditation. It is also recommended for use during work requiring concentration, do it yourself activities and loud music.

  • Ohropax Classic is particularly suitable for use in so-called 'non-classic noise areas' such as large offices and call centers (work in noise).
  • Once it has been inserted into the ear, Ohropax Classic is immediately ready for use. In contrast to foam plugs, you do not have to wait for these plugs to expand.
  • These earplugs do not cause sweating and pressure on the auricle as is the case with capsule ear protectors.
  • People who wear glasses can wear these earplugs without any problems.
  • The earplugs can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and capsule ear protectors.
  • Speech and warning signals can still be noticed because the earplugs insulate sound but do not completely shut it out.
  • Due to the materials used, Ohropax Classic is not suitable for use in warm workplaces or those containing large amounts of dirt and/or dust.
  • Because Ohropax Classic cannot be cleaned, we recommend that you only use these earplugs only once.