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Marsona DS600A - Tinnitus masker and noise generator machine


Recommended by audiologists, the Marsona DS600A can be operated with four AA batteries (not included). So you can take it wherever you go: hotel room, camping, even in the car. The timer can be set to turn the unit off after 60 minutes. Now you can enjoy the surf as it meets the sand on the beach, the soothing sounds of a distant thunderstorm, or the steady, constant background of white noise. Relax to a babbling brook, the gentle lapping water at the lakeshore, or the sounds of crickets and spring peepers on a country eve. Offers relief for those who suffer from tinnitus!



  • Battery operable (4 AA batteries not included) speaker
  • 4 ohm for Acoustic Clarity weight
  • Approximately 1.5 pounds, including transformer material
  • ABS Plastic color white
  • Electrical Household current converted to 912V DC
  • Power cord 6foot with 2.5 x 5.5mm power plug
  • Size 7.5"(L) X 5.125"(W) X 2.75"(H)