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Marsona 1288A - Tinnitus masker and noise generator machine


Who knew it would take a dose of advanced digital audio technology to help you sleep? The Marsona 1288A features incredibly realistic sounds played back by a high quailty speaker, built into a carefully engineered housing- all designed to lull you to sleep with the very best sound possible. The Marsona 1288A has user-friendly touch controls and LEDs to highlight selected sounds; slide controls for tone and volume allow for a sensation of sound range.


  • Keeps conversations confidential
  • Helps shift workers sleep while the world is awake
  • Brings relief for tinnitus sufferers
  • Blocks out the loud guy in the apartment upstairs
  • Creates a sound study zone in dorm rooms
  • Tone control and optional timer
  • Programmable- you are the maestro
  • From the makers of the Dohm™