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KidzSafe KonoAudio - Volume limiting earbuds for children

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Color: Pink

Protect your children's ears with KonoAudio Kidzsafe earbuds protection for kids which help prevent noise induced hearing loss with Kidzsafe safe volume technology. These are simply the best kid safe and friendly earphones on the market. 

Compatible with all iPod, Zune and other MP3 devices, as well as portable CD and DVD players, Kidzsafe headphones give the same high quality frequency and response found in full size headphones. Each Kidzsafe product has been tested and approved by our KonoAudio experts. As well as endorsed by the audiologist.

  • Helps prevent hearing loss
  • No parental controls needed
  • Audiologists recommend <85 decibels 
  • Automatically limits volume
  • Technology built directly into earbud casing
  • Limit can not be overridden
  • Heavy duty no tangle cord
  • Recommended for kids under 9.
Kidzsafe by KonoAudio are the best performing sound limiting headphones on the market.