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HearPlugz DF - Dual filter ear plugs NRR 12dB or 22dB

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The most Versatile Earplugs on the Market. Until now you were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual filtered hearing protector that was designed to help hearing speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications! Attenuation increase as noise increases. Lets speech through, can be used with radio communications. With this new breakthrough in being able to produce a non-electronic earplug with the aspects of increasing noise suppression to louder noise environments, we call this product HEARPLUGZ-DF™ and have made it available in a choice of different colors, 3 easy-to-insert sizes and a removable cord. What is it? Dual-filtered hearing protectors designed to help the user hear critical sounds including speech, while filtering out loud or harmful impact sounds. How does it work? Grasp exterior stem on plug and place the forward tip into the ear canal. To make insertion easier, use your opposite hand to pull up on the ear. To attach optional cord, position loop of cord over stem and slide metal retainer to tighten. To remove exterior filter to alter attenuation or insert “L” joint for radio hookup, stretch the outer lip of the stem or insertion handle until the external filter can be released from the exterior port.


  • 12 dB NRR (interior filter only) OR 22 dB NRR (interior & exterior filters)
  • Ability to Hook Up Radio Communications using “L” joint adapter purchased from your provider
  • Dual-filtered hearing protectors feature variable attenuation – as noise levels go up, noise suppression goes up
  • External filter is removable
  • Floatable, moisture resistant, breathable filter allows for pressure equalization
  • Includes a carrying case & removable cord
  • Do not use alcohol to clean plugs