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Crescendo DIY 25 - Home construction Earplugs (10 units)

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Crescendo DIY 25

The safe sound exposure level is generally accepted to be 85dB. Above this level sound begins to damage your hearing. This can be experienced as ringing in the ears for a few hours through to permanent degradation due to constant exposure to high noise levels.

Crescendo DIY 25 is a reusable, washable, universal fit hearing protector designed for use when drilling, grinding, sanding or using any other power tools during home maintenance or vehicle repairs.

     Crescendo DIY 25 earplugs protect you against : 

    • Grinder 98db
    • Jig saw 98dB
    • Electric hammer drill 104dB
    • Air wrench 103-110dB
    • Circular saw 105dB

    Benefits Crescendo earplugs :

    • Protecte and still being able to communicate and hear the surroundings
    • Helps prevent hearing damage
    • A perfect fit for everyone: 4 Ear tip sizes available - M+L in package, S+XL sizes available on request (add it on the cart page's "Special Notes" section above the sub-total and specify the size - XLarge or Small)
    • 100% Acoustically tested
    • Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
    • Minimum occlusion

    Crescendo DIY ear plugs reduce sound by a CE certified 24dB (Europe) and ANSI certified 16dB (North America), bringing the noise down to safe levels. The DIY acoustic filters from Dynamic Ear Company provide an open-air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect whilst keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort and reducing irritation.

    In the packaging we supply two sizes of ear plugs that fit most people (Medium and Large). If the supplied ear plugs do not fit we will provide you a set of Small or X-Large ear plugs for free. Please read the FAQ about this topic.

    Crescendo DIY 25 :
    • Two Large universal ear plugs
    • Two Medium universal ear plugs
    • S + XL universal ear plugs available on request (add it on the cart page's "Special Notes" section above the sub-total and specify the size - XLarge or Small)
    • Two average damping filters ”25 dB”, 100% acoustically tested
    • Aluminium key-ring carrying case
    • Manual EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and NL.

    Crescendo Swim & Surf 5 ear plugs come under the ‘comfort’ category and are not classified as hearing protection according to European standards (EN 352-2:2002).

    Dimension : 15.2 x 7.5 x 2.25 cm

    Ear tip color : Neon yellow