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Bellman & Symfon - Visit receivers


The Bellman & Symfon Visit Receivers are used to create a safe home environment for the hard of hearing. They can amplify sound and transform them into visual and tactil signals. Bellman & Symfon Receivers are the perfect complement for:

Visit Clock Receiver

The Alarm Clock Visit has many unique features, such as the nightlight beacon, the intelligent snooze, which reduces the time intervals form 9 to 2 minutes, and the bed shaker that emits sound and vibration. The Alarm Clock Visit consists of 4 high-intensity flashing lights, efficient even in daylight. The alarm provides a signal that can reach up to 100 dB while sweeping across frequencies. It has a large LCD display with adjustable backlight and 2 buttons for adjusting the time and alarm. Compatible as a Visit receiver. Bed shaker included in the package.

Visit Pager Receiver

The Bellman Visit Pager receives signals from the Bellman Visit transmitters and alerts you by producing a different vibration and light signal specific to any of the various alarms. By using the Pager, you will be able to move around freely in your home or outside and still be reached when necessary. The Pager is small enough to be put into your pocket or be attached to a belt or trouser band. The Bellman Visit Charger is used to recharge the Bellman Visit Pager when powered by a rechargeable battery. To keep being alerted during the night, you can either connect the Charger to the Bellman Alarm Clock or connect up to two Bed-shakers to the Charger.

Visit Flash Receiver

The Bellman Visit Flash receiver attracts your attention with powerful and distinct flashes and indicates the type of signal with different coloured LEDs, just like the Bellman Visit Pager. The Flash receiver can also be connected directly into the telephone line. For additional alerting capabilities, you can also connect the receiver to a Bellman Visit Bed Shaker. The Flash receiver is a portable product that comes with a mounted table stand.

Visit Portable Receiver

The Bellman Visit Portable receiver can pick up signals from all of the Visit transmitters either individually or simultaneously and alerts you by producing a range of different signals, both sound and light, associated with the different alarms. The Portable receiver has an optimised sound frequency and an adjustable sound level, from 0 to 90dB. The unit is portable and can therefore easily be carried wherever you want.