Bellman & Symfon - Maxi personal amplifier


The Maxi is a revolutionary, fully digital Personal Amplifier from Bellman & Symfon designed for difficult listening situations as it emphasizes speech in conversations, while watching TV or in the car. The Maxi has been specifically designed for people with various degree of hearing difficulties, wearing hearing aids or not, who prefer a very user-friendly device with large tactile controls and clear indications. The Maxi has a crystal clear digital sound, free from background noise and feedback. The Maxi is provided with a unique “Push-to-Listen” function for convenient TV watching. It has a long battery life with up to 150 hours on one set of two AA batteries which makes the Maxi very portable!

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The earphones are small and lightweight, with high sensitivity and excellent isolation from ambient noise. Carefully selected to ensure high sound detail and clarity.


Robust stereo headphones with great sound quality. Features semi-closed drivers that reduce sound leakage. Foldable for easy storage during travel.


Connect the Microset™ and enjoy the most discreet and high technological hearing solution up to date. Recommended for Mino and Maxi.


The Stetoclips are capable of delivering sound pressure up to 140dB. They are very comfortable to wear and really easy to put on and take off.


With a neck loop, get the most out of your hearing aid, even in the most difficult listening situations. Just plug it in, switch your hearing aid(s) to «T» position and enjoy!