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Aqua Ears - Hello Kitty silicone kids ear plugs for water protection

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  • Soft, comfortable silicone earplugs, featuring popular children's character Hello Kitty
  • Recommended by physician for keeping water out of the ear, prevention of swimmer’s ear or for kids with ear tubes
  • Tacky texture allow plugs to remain in position - mold silicone and place over ear opening to form an air-tight seal
  • Made of safe, hypo-allergenic silicone putty, with characters printed in water-soluable, non-toxic, non-staining ink
  • Recommended to seal out water, not for noise protection
  • Includes 6 pink Hello Kitty silicone ear plugs, plus carrying case
  • Recommended to be used with a swimming headband, see Ear Band-It

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