Serene CA360
from $52.99

These sensors and transmitters work in conjunction with the Serene CA360 Central Alert. They help amplify sound or transform it into visual and tac...

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Central Alert System

The Serene CA360 Central Alert System is the All-In-One 360 degree home alert system. The main unit comes with a door bell and bed shaker. It use...

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Serene CA1003

Serene CA 1003 alerting systeme alerts to calls from landline or cell phone/text calls and the door bell. It is a combination of CA-CX (CA2012 Land...

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Clarity alertmaster al10

The clarity alertmaster AL10 is ideal for people with mild to profound hearing loss. Stay connected and secure, the alertmaster monitors and provid...

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Clarity alertmaster al12

The Clarity Alertmaster AL12 is ideal for people with mild to profound hearing loss. The Alertmaster provides remote visual alerts to the door bell...

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clarity alertmaster
from $63.99

Clarity AlertMaster Door Knocker with Metal Bracket The Alertmaster door knocker (with metal bracket) senses someone knocking on the door and then...

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Home Alerting Solution

The Care Home Alerting Solution attracts your attention with powerful and distinct flashes to inform you that someone is trying to get a hold of ...

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Bellman & Symfon Visit Transmitters
from $107.99

The Bellman & Symfon Visit Transmitters are used to create a safe home environment for the hard of hearing. They can amplify sound and transf...

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